Pavel Zavalnyi discussed the issue of Ukrainian gas transit with the Bundestag members

According to the Chairman of the Committee on Energy, the Russian side is counting on the support of German colleagues during the tripartite negotiations on Ukrainian gas transit scheduled for May
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi

“The issue of Ukrainian gas transit is important for European energy security. Russia has repeatedly declared its interest in preserving the gas supply channel through Ukraine after the expiration of the current contract. However, besides the issues of terms and the volume of transit, matter of reliability of supplies, and not political, but technical, is crucial for a decision-making,” said Pavel Zavalnyi Zavalnyi Pavel Nikolaeviсh Zavalnyi
Pavel Nikolaeviсh
, Chairman of the Committee on Energy, at a meeting of the delegation of the State Duma with Vice Presidents of the German Bundestag Thomas Oppermann and Wolfgang Kubicki in Berlin.

According to Pavel Zavalnyi, “the Ukrainian natural gas transmission system is aging, its technical condition is not very well known and causes concern. The creation of a tripartite consortium of Russian, European and Ukrainian companies to maintain the technical capability of the system could solve this problem. But this logical, economically sound proposal made a lot of times has not been reciprocated by the Ukrainian side.”

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The Chairman of the Committee on Energy also thanked the German colleagues for the consistent support provided to the Nord Stream 2 project.

“I believe that Nord Stream 2, the supply of Russian pipe gas at an reasonable price are necessary to ensure Germany’s energy security and its economic development. EU and USA resistance to the project is a demonstration of global economic competition. It is important to overcome this resistance, finish the construction of the pipeline in time, and also resolve issues related to the Ukrainian transit before the start of the next winter season,” said Pavel Zavalnyi.

The delegation of the State Duma headed by First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Aleksandr Zhukov Aleksandr Dmitrieviсh Zhukov
Aleksandr Dmitrieviсh
Zhukov Zhukov Aleksandr Dmitrieviсh Zhukov
Aleksandr Dmitrieviсh
is visiting Berlin.