Aleksandr Zhukov: Russian and German parliamentarians agreed on the need to give up the Russian and EU sanctions

In addition to the need to lift the EU sanctions against Russia, issues related to the Nord Stream-2 project were also discussed during the meeting of the delegation of the State Duma with members of the Bundestag, informed the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Aleksandr Zhukov
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Aleksandr Zhukov

At a meeting in Berlin the parliamentarians of Russia and Germany came to a general conclusion about the need to give up mutual sanctions of the Russian Federation and the European Union, said First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Aleksandr Zhukov Zhukov Alexander Dmitrievich Zhukov
Alexander Dmitrievich
after a meeting of the delegation of the State Duma with members of the German Bundestag.

He reminded that the delegation of the State Duma arrived in Berlin, inter alia to play a friendly football match with German colleagues. “Such matches that have already become a tradition give parliamentarians an opportunity to communicate more closely in formal and informal settings. Our meeting once again proved it, as we were able to discuss the most difficult problems that concern the parliamentarians of all European countries from my perspective, in an absolutely frank, relaxed atmosphere,” said Aleksandr Zhukov.

According to the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, the issue of EU sanctions against the Russian Federation was also discussed during the meetings with German parliamentarians.

“Here, I think, a general opinion that we need to give up all economic sanctions and counter sanctions as soon as possible to establish closer mutually beneficial economic cooperation was expressed,” said Aleksandr Zhukov.

Issues related to the Nord Stream 2 project were also discussed at the meeting. “This is one of the most important projects, and we are pleased with the position of Germany on this issue,” he added.

“We also discussed the situation in Ukraine. And we came to the general opinion that here we need to focus on the peaceful settlement, the implementation of the Minsk agreements,“ concluded Aleksandr Zhukov.

In her turn, Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Olga Timofeeva Timofeyeva Olga Victorovna Timofeyeva
Olga Victorovna
added that “we want (and this is the main aim of the visit) to remove the contradictions that exist today.” According to her, nowadays there are “too many subjective things, subjective information between Moscow and Berlin.”

“We examined the legislation that the Bundestag members are working upon and understand that we are quite similar. We live by the same agenda, because we have one common task to improve the lives of our voters,” Olga Timofeeva stressed.

The friendly football match between the teams of the Bundestag and the State Duma began with a minute of silence in memory of 41 people who died in the catastrophe at Sheremetyevo airport on May 5.