State Duma intends to fight for the preservation of historical memory

Representatives of factions of the State Duma expressed support for the statement of Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin on the need to protect historical memory and preserve the true history about the deeds of our soldiers in the Great Patriotic War

“Today’s statement of the Chairman is, in fact, a common unite position of the State Duma, our response to the statement of the Polish Sejm. In the current situation, all factions are united, this is our common position, our common approach, which, I believe, is shared by millions of our voters,” said Andrey Isaev Isaev Andrey Konstantinovich Isaev
Andrey Konstantinovich
, deputy head of the United Russia faction.

The parliamentarian reminded that “Russian President Vladimir Putin made several very tough and consistent statements. We support the President, this is the common position of the Russian leadership.”

“We will not allow a review of the outcome of World War II. We will not allow the humiliation of the Soviet people — the victorious nation, which suffered the greatest sacrifices during the Second World War. We will work with our colleagues from the parliaments of European countries, we will actively work here in the country, preserving and supporting the memory of the Great Patriotic War,” Andrey Isaev said.

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The Communist Party faction supports the policy of returning to “living lessons of history,” said Leonid Kalashnikov Kalashnikov Leonid Ivanovich Kalashnikov
Leonid Ivanovich
, Chairman of the Committee on Issues of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Contacts with Fellow Countryman. In his opinion, the declassification of such documents, which Viacheslav Volodin Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich Volodin
Vyacheslav Victorovich
The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the eighth convocation. Elected in single mandate constituency № 163 (Saratov constituency - Saratov Oblast)
spoke about, should have taken place much earlier. These documents prove that the USSR, destroyed itself, managed to rebuild the Polish railways and supply raw materials to load local tanneries, the parliamentarian said.

According to Leonid Kalashnikov, all these facts should be mentioned in school history textbooks. “Today we are talking not only about the Polish people but about how we treat our own history. And how will we treat it further,” he stressed.

Any attempts to rewrite history should be thwarted by Russia, said Leonid Levin Levin Leonid Leonidoviсh Levin
Leonid Leonidoviсh
, Chairman of the Committee on Informational Policy, Technologies and Communications (Just Russia faction).

“Before the New Year, the President raised the topic of an attempt by representatives of the political elite of Poland to reconsider the history and the adoption by the Sejm of Poland of an extremely controversial decision that can hardly be called appropriate,” said the member of the State Duma. “Whatever difficult relationship with the current leadership of Poland we have, attempts to rewrite history should be suppressed on our part. The words of the President and the Chairman of the State Duma once again speak about this,” added parliamentarian.