Members of the State Duma suspend trips to the USA

Business trips will be suspended until the US authorities officially explain why the member of the State Duma Inga Iumasheva was interrogated by the FBI at the New York airport and apologize
State Duma building
State Duma building

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Due to the situation that happened during the visit of the member of the Committee on International Affairs Inga Iumasheva Iumasheva Inga Albertovna Iumasheva
Inga Albertovna
to New York, trips of parliamentarians to the United States will be suspended, said Advisor to the Chairman of the State Duma Anastasia Kashevarova.

The relevant decision will be considered at a meeting of the Council of the State Duma today.

She noted that Chairman of the Committee on Financial Market Anatolii Aksakov Aksakov Anatolii Gennadieviсh Aksakov
Anatolii Gennadieviсh
was supposed to fly on a business trip to the United States, but the visit was canceled.

“Business trips to the United States will be suspended until the US authorities officially explain why Inga Iumasheva was interrogated by the FBI at New York Airport for an hour and apologize,” Anastasia Kashevarova said.