Olga Timofeeva: parliamentary diplomacy helps to address important issues

She stated that commenting the results of the meeting of the Legal and Political Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation held in Sochi. Delegates from eight countries located around Black Sea discussed issues of the development of transport infrastructure
Timofeeva PABSEC

The Russian parliament at the event was represented by Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Olga Timofeeva Timofeyeva Olga Victorovna Timofeyeva
Olga Victorovna
and First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on State Building and Legislation Mikhail Emelianov Emelianov Mikhail Vasilieviсh Emelianov
Mikhail Vasilieviсh

A special report “Legal and Political Aspects of the Development of Transport Routes in the BSEC Region” was considered at the Committee meeting and recommendations were also adopted. The parliamentarians were primarily interested in the legal aspects of the issue. What legal restrictions for the development of transport corridors exist, how parliamentarians can help in attracting investments, how the interests of people living in the region are respected, what measures can be taken to reduce the environmental pressure and for transport safety.

“Parliamentary diplomacy helps to unravel the problem nodes. The proposals that are being developed within the framework of PABSEC often give an impetus for adjustment of national laws,” stressed Olga Timofeeva

In his turn, Mikhail Emelianov emphasized: “The parliamentary component of the international dialogue is an important element of interaction on many issues. In this regard, a more active participation of PABSEC will contribute to the effective achievement of the common goals and objectives of regional cooperation, finding a balance of common interests. ”

Mikhail Emelianov was re-elected Chairman of the PABSEC Legal and Political Affairs Committee for another term.

PABSEC was established 26 years ago, in 1993, at the initiative of Russia and Turkey. Today, the organization includes 76 parliamentarians from 12 states. These are the countries of the Black Sea and Southern Balkans: Russia, Turkey, Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. PABSEC has three specialized committees.