State Duma will consider the data of the Central Election Commission and Roskomnadzor on foreign interference in Russian elections

This was announced by the Chairman of the Commission on the Investigation of the Facts of Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs Vasilii Piskarev
Googlr internet

“Data on interference in the Russian elections by such companies as Google and Facebook, collected by the Central Election Commission and Roskomnadzor, will be carefully examined by the State Duma Commission on the Investigation of the Facts of Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs,” Vasilii Piskarev Piskarev Vasilii Ivanoviсh Piskarev
Vasilii Ivanoviсh
said in an interview with parliamentary reporters.

“We have already sent inquiries to receive information from the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation and Roskomnadzor about interference in our internal affairs and, after reviewing them, we intend to invite company representatives to the meeting of the Commission for talks,” the parliamentarian said.

Vasilii Piskarev also asked other state bodies, political parties, and public organizations to report to the Commission on the facts of foreign interference that they found. “We will certainly consider them,” he concluded.