Leonid Slutskiy commented on the release of Kirill Vyshinsky

Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutskiy hopes that the “constructive approach of the new Kiev authorities [shown in the case of the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine –Editor’s Note] will be projected into other areas of relations with Russia”

He also called the decision to release the journalist from custody the long-awaited news and reminded that the Russian Federation had been striving for this for more than a year.

“[Kirill] Vyshinsky was arrested solely for his professional journalistic activities,” Leonid Slutskiy Slutskiy Leonid Eduardoviсh Slutskiy
Leonid Eduardoviсh
emphasized. The parliamentarian called all the accusations against the journalist far-fetched and noted that they ‘were sustained in the spirit of Russophobic policy of the previous President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko.’

“I hope that the constructive approach of the new Kiev authorities shown in his case will be projected into other areas of relations with Russia,” said the Chairman of the Committee.

The head of the RIA Novosti Ukraine portal, Kirill Vyshinsky, has been in custody since May 2018, when he was charged with treason.