Dmitrii Belik: Ukrainian authorities banned their people to speak

Member of the United Russia faction, member of the Committee on Control and Regulations, believes that the adoption of a law prohibiting the use of the Russian language in Ukraine is another attack on people's memory and values that had been created by the Ukrainian, Russian, and earlier Soviet people
Member of the Committee on Control and Regulations Dmitrii Belik
Member of the Committee on Control and Regulations Dmitrii Belik

“By and large, the people of Ukraine have been forbidden to speak. The Russian language has been simply banned on the territory of the state, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the relevant law, and Mr. [Petr] Poroshenko has already said that he would sign it before the inauguration of the new President,” said Dmitrii Belik Belik Dmitrii Anatoleviсh Belik
Dmitrii Anatoleviсh
. He stressed that “Ukrainian authorities consistently and systematically led war against their own people.”

He noted that the adoption of such a law is another attack on people's memory, on those values that had been created by the Ukrainian, Russian, and earlier Soviet people for centuries, and these values are inseparable, despite the attempts of politicians to separate them. Moreover, according to the parliamentarian, Petr Poroshenko “has been creating a mono-cultural Russophobic nationalist state for five years.”

The parliamentarian explained that the law on languages, which was adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine, implies that the Russian language loses the status of a language of inter-ethnic communication, while about 80% of the population in Ukraine speak and communicate in Russian.

“The Russian language is completely forced out of public space. The share of the Ukrainian language on TV channels is 90%. All electronic media should have the Ukrainian version, which shall be loaded first by default. The education process at universities shall be conducted exclusively in Ukrainian. Even all the prescriptions and annotations to medicines shall be also in Ukrainian,” he said, adding that the law also establishes that services in public places, in restaurants, cafes, and even in online stores shall be exclusively in Ukrainian.

Dmitrii Belik stressed that the final provisions of the law state that an attempt to provide the status of an official language to any other language than Ukrainian is an attempt to overthrow the constitutional state system of Ukraine. According to him, such amendments could have been written only by people who hate their people and their country.

“All this is nothing but the cultural and linguistic genocide of the people of Ukraine. That is why today the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation provides an opportunity for simplified acquisition of citizenship by residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic. That is why the Presidential Decree provides a simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship to all those who have ever lived on the territory of Sevastopol and the Crimea, regardless of the origin of the birth certificate, the Soviet Union, Ukraine or Russia. And that is why, I am sure that in the near future we will give the right to residents of Ukraine who have undergone ethnic, cultural and linguistic aggression, to have Russian citizenship,” concluded Dmitrii Belik.