Members of the State Duma appealed to the world parliaments on the 25th anniversary of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia

“The Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation express their deep concern at the continuing attempts by the collective West to present to the international community the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as a peacekeeping operation,” the document says

Members of the State Duma unanimously supported the adoption of the address of the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations and parliaments of foreign States regarding the 25th anniversary of the aggression of the States members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The document was prepared together with the Federation Council, it was also adopted by the senators today.

“The world must make a fair assessment of the events of those years: to hold accountable and sentence those who are responsible for destroying Yugoslavia,” emphasized earlier the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich Volodin
Vyacheslav Victorovich
The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the eighth convocation. Elected in single mandate constituency № 163 (Saratov constituency - Saratov Oblast)
. “Since 1999, Washington has been doing everything to make people forget that NATO, without the UN Security Council resolution, ordered to start barbarously bombings of peaceful Belgrade and other cities of Yugoslavia,” he added.

“There were 78 days of relentless attacks. Thousands of women, elderly people and children were killed. NATO troops used cluster and depleted uranium munitions. After these bombings, the number of cancer diseases in Serbia is still the highest in Europe,” stressed Vyacheslav Volodin.

Members of the State Duma and senators of the Russian Federation emphasized that “the impunity of the strikes by NATO countries against Yugoslavia created the preconditions for new acts of force around the world under the guise of fighting ‘for the values of freedom and democracy’”.

“The conviction of the collective West that it is impeccable and has the right to decide the fate of other peoples and States led to the rise of the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, which, after the coup d'état in 2014, set out to implement a policy of genocide against the Russian population and unleash an armed conflict on the territory of that country,” the document says.

The Russian Parliament urge “to condemn the military operation by NATO countries against Yugoslavia, to counter attempts to distort the historical truth about the tragic events of 1999 in the interests of the collective West, and to take measures to bring States members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to international legal responsibility for the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.”