Members of the State Duma believe that Russia and Japan should more intensively use the large potential of cooperation to resolve controversial issues

It is important that the heads of Russia and Japan maintain the constructive tone of the negotiations and demonstrate their readiness to develop the dialogue, says a member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak. He clarified that the key condition for the conclusion of a peace treaty is still the full recognition of the outcome of World War II, including Russia's sovereignty over the Kuril Islands by the Japanese side
State Duma staircase

“It was obvious from the beginning that the solution of the longstanding problem of a peace treaty between our countries wouldn’t be quick and easy. It is important that the heads of Russia and Japan maintain the constructive tone of the negotiations and demonstrate their readiness to develop the dialogue. At the same time, the key condition for the conclusion of a peace treaty is still the full recognition of the outcome of World War II, including Russia's sovereignty over the Kuril Islands by the Japanese side,” says Sergei Zhelezniak.

The parliamentarian stressed: “We just hope that negative foreign policy factors and the pressure of extremist forces inside Japanese society will not be able to interfere in the negotiation process. The world community should be responsible and understanding for the striving of Russia and Japan to legally secure open good-neighborly relations. Neither politicians, no media should speculate on the topic of a peace treaty.”

“To proceed with the dialogue Russia offers Japanese partners a mutually beneficial option of joint developing of the region, including the possibility of investing in the economy of the South Kuriles. Our countries should more intensively use the large potential of cooperation to resolve controversial issues. Each new summit gives an additional positive impetus to bilateral relations between Russia and Japan, bringing the moment of the conclusion of a peace treaty closer. I believe that within the framework of the G20, our leaders will find an opportunity to meet and discuss the course of the negotiation process,” the parliamentarian added.