Member of the State Duma commented on the statement of Andrzej Duda about the expansion of the US military presence in Poland

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Aleksei Chepa stated that “this is another unfriendly step of Poland towards Russia.” “The decision will only aggravate the already difficult relationship, complicate the entire geopolitical situation not only in Poland but also in Europe in general,” the parliamentarian said

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Aleksei Chepa Chepa Alexey Vasilievich Chepa
Alexey Vasilievich
commented on the statement of President of Poland Andrzej Duda that an expansion of the US military presence is planned in the country.

“This is another unfriendly step of Poland towards Russia. Over the past years, they stick to the same Russophobic policy. This decision will only aggravate the already difficult relationship, complicate the entire geopolitical situation not only in Poland but also in Europe in general,” the parliamentarian said.

According to him, the policy pursued by the Polish leadership is short-sighted and ill-conceived.

“They play up to the United States. Moreover, these decisions are difficult to rationally explain,” concluded Chepa.

Earlier, Duda confirmed that an expansion of the US military presence is planned in Poland.

The President emphasized that the relevant agreement had already been concluded, but the details had not yet been determined by the American side.