Vladimir Shamanov: Russia is not a country, to which ultimatum can be issued

According to the Chairman of the Committee on Defense, the final result of the US leadership’s statements on violation of the terms of the INF Treaty has long been known: to accuse Russia of all non-existent sins. Meanwhile, the US itself is taking actions that indicate a violation of their previous commitments, in particular, deploying missile defense facilities in Romania and Poland
Chairman of the Committee on Defence Vladimir Shamanov
Chairman of the Committee on Defence Vladimir Shamanov

No tests of the Iskander-M missile, of which Russia is accused by the United States, were conducted, Chairman of the Committee on Defense Vladimir Shamanov Shamanov Vladimir Anatolieviсh Shamanov
Vladimir Anatolieviсh
stated that in his speech as representative of the United Russia faction at a plenary meeting on Thursday, December 6.

On Tuesday, after a meeting of NATO defense ministers, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US would stop fulfilling its obligations under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles if Russia does not return to fulfillment within 60 days.

“They have one complaint against us. It is about the Iskander-M missile, which we allegedly tested according to the evidence gathered by their secret data. I am telling you with all responsibility that we did not carry out any tests of a missile of such a range,” said Vladimir Shamanov, calling the US accusations “a bluff that once again puts a label on our country”.

According to him, the final result of the US leadership’s statements has long been known: to accuse Russia of all non-existent sins. “Therefore, this could cause only bewilderment in our society,” he believes.

Vladimir Shamanov reminded that under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, by 1991 Russia destroyed 1846 missiles, and the US only 846. In this regard, he proposed to give a political assessment of the actions of the USSR leadership, including the accelerated, comparing to the US, destruction of missiles under the INF and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany.

He also drew attention to the actions of the United States, which indicate a violation of its previous commitments. In particular, the United States is deploying missile defense facilities in Romania and Poland.

“There is missile defense. Once [the United States] said that it was aimed “at no one,” then at Iran, but in reality, it was aimed at us. And we cannot disregard this,” noted Vladimir Shamanov.

“The whole point is technical. Instead of missile defense, which is located 50–150 km, it’s easy to bring medium-range missiles of a 800–1500 km range with the aim of delivering strikes with arrival time 8–15 minutes, which completely contradicts this treaty,” explained the parliamentarian.

Moreover, according to him, the United States is actively using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that have the technology of essentially cruise missiles.

“And the third, as the Chief of General Staff said yesterday, we insist that since 2000 no so-called “target-missiles” with missile technologies have been tested, which essentially allows the US to develop and improve weapons that fit this class of missiles,” added Vladimir Shamanov.

“We are not going to justify our actions. We are not a country, to which ultimatum can be issued. Thanks to the efforts of the State Duma and the Government measures have been adopted, and the country and our allies are securely protected, so we can be confident in the future of our Russia,” said the Chairman of the Committee on Defense.