Members of the LDPR faction met with representatives of the Russian Diaspora in Dushanbe

Leader of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovskii, Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs Mikhail Degtiarev and other members of the faction came with working visit to the Republic of Tajikistan
LDPR faction
LDPR faction

Mikhail Degtiarev Degtiarev Mikhail Vladimiroviсh Degtiarev
Mikhail Vladimiroviсh
informed that members of the LDPR faction met with representatives of the Russian Diaspora in Dushanbe. “Everywhere in the former USSR there is one problem — many people want to come back to Russia, but they cannot get passports. It is the same with the descendants of the Russian emigrants of the beginning of the twentieth century,” the parliamentarian said.

At the same time, he noted that “Russian economy is waiting for these people.” “We need qualified people, Orthodox people, native Russian speakers and bearers of Russian culture,” Mikhail Degtiarev said.

The parliamentarian believes that President Vladimir Putin signed a new Concept of State Migration Policy “to make it clear that it's time to correct the mistakes of history.”

“Tens of millions of fellow countrymen will be able to return to Russia,” he said.

“It’s time to give Russian people the right to reunite, to give passports to all Russian people in the post-Soviet area,” Mikhail Degtiarev stressed. He noted that LDPR welcomes this orientation and reminded that the faction regularly raises these issues, introduces relevant bills to the State Duma for further consideration.