Anna Kuznetsova presented the final report of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of the Crimes Committed by the Kiev regime Against Minors

On Wednesday, June 19, the State Duma unanimously supported the adoption of the document at the plenary meeting
Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Anna Kuznetsova
Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Anna Kuznetsova

“Colleagues! Today, the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of the Crimes Committed by the Kiev regime Against Minors presents the results of its year-long work in accordance with the law.

We worked with almost all federal authorities and heads of affected regions. Today Vladimir Vasilyevich [Saldo, governor of the Kherson region] is here, colleagues from other liberated regions also join us. I express gratitude to everyone for the great help. We talked to more than a thousand eyewitnesses of the incidents, went to the places, sent requests to the authorities more often than every other day, collected evidence, and verified the information we received. However, we not only recorded criminal actions, but also could not ignore them; together with our colleagues in our Parliamentary Commission we tried to provide assistance. Vyacheslav Victorovich, I would like to thank you. Without your work, without your support, this would not have been possible at all. During all this year, we saw the help of factions and committees. Such unity is the great strength of our parliament.

Acting in strict compliance with Federal Law No. 196 “On the Parliamentary Investigation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,” I would like to present the results. We carefully analyzed all the crimes committed by the Kiev regime and prepared a classification of these crimes, taking into account their huge volume. We developed the classification not only in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, but it was also decided to rank crimes in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution of August 25, 1999, on crimes against children during armed conflicts.


The first is related to murder and wounding and mutilation of children. In total, since 2014, the Investigative Committee of Russia has opened almost 4,500 criminal cases, 2,800 of them are shelling of territories. 24,340 children were recognized as victims. About 300 children were killed. Thousands of children were injured. Among them, 11 children were killed and 22 were injured as results of mine explosions. Since the beginning of 2024, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attacks on civilian targets have increased by 50%. This year, 27 children were killed and 78 were injured.

Colleagues! Today I have with me fragments left after first shelling of Lugansk, weapons of foreign production, from NATO countries. Two children were injured. I visited them I the hospital. It was a shelling of a residential area. Scattering of shells was colossal. Today, we should once again carefully analyze and realize the reasons why international organizations keep silent on this issue by holding NATO-made weapons in our hands.

Colleagues, the second group is kidnapping. From 2014 to 2022, 1,600 children disappeared from the occupied territories of Donbass. Since the beginning of 2022, the structures of the Kiev regime have taken about 65 thousand children from the territories of Donbass and Novorossiya. Nobody knows where many of them are now. Facts of child abduction were recorded in Lugansk, Kremennaya, Donetsk, Artemovsk, Kherson, Slavyansk, Melitopol, Berdyansk and other cities and villages. We are receiving information about the forced evacuation of children from regions controlled by Ukraine — Odessa and Kharkov. According to our data, children taken abroad can be found in 13 countries around the world.

The Kiev regime has created an entire kidnapping industry. Children are being sold on the darknet or on the Ukrainian-Polish border. The country’s Cabinet of Ministers created the conditions for kidnapping by issuing a decree on the mandatory evacuation of children. The Ukrainian police cover the special kidnapping groups called “White Angels” and “Phoenix” that take children away even against the will of their parents. The Elena Zelenskaya Foundation is also involved in that, and the Foundation is registered in the United States, as well as the Save Ukraine Foundation, and logistics are provided by Western private military companies.

Third group is black transplantology. There had been recorded facts of illegal transplantations and medical experiments on children in hospitals in Lisichansk and Mariupol, as well as in Rubezhnoye and Severodonetsk. There were mobile groups of bioengineers and mobile operating rooms, assisted by Western private military companies.

When our Commission first raised this topic, the security forces of the Kiev regime detained two groups in the country, and recently, just on the eve of the approval of our report, after its announcement, another criminal network has been revealed in Kiev. However, today, colleagues, Ukraine is number one country in black transplantology. The Verkhovna Rada purposefully created all conditions for the black transplantology in Ukraine. In 2021, it was allowed to remove organs without the consent of a donor and his/her relatives, to make such surgeries in private clinics with foreign participation, then it was simplified to obtain medical licenses for that. In 2022, transplantation operations were exempted from paying VAT.

Colleagues, we received information about the activities of laboratories in Kharkov and Dnepr, where children taken from Donbass probably can be found. Medical documentation uses standards of American College of Rheumatology. Taking into account the previous parliamentary investigation into the activities of biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine, there is reason to believe that medical experiments on children could be conducted as part of the US biosafety program.

Fourth group is related to crimes against sexual inviolability. On the slide, colleagues, you can see the photos of torture chambers. I was there. These are smoking plants in one of the cities of Lugansk [LPR]. Militants raped children there. It was revealed that the director of the local lyceum took the children there to the militants.

In Ukraine, children are being sold abroad, where they fall into the hands of pedophiles. We received information about the sexual slavery of Ukrainian children in the West from social activists from Russia, Germany, Poland, the USA, the Netherlands, Peru, France, Nicaragua and Nigeria. Children can be used to make content for the LGBT fashion industry or exhibitions, and we know that there were such cases in a number of countries: the USA, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany and several others.

Colleagues, the fifth is the intentional creation of a threat to the lives of children.

The sixth is a violation of the social rights of children. The social rights of 114,554 children were violated: they could not attend school, go to kindergarten, or receive timely medical care. In Ukraine, medical care was extremely poorly developed. We know that of the almost 400 thousand children who experienced medical examination, more than half of them were diagnosed for the first time.

The seventh group is related to economic and humanitarian blockade. The militants organized an economic, food, transport and water blockade of Russian regions and prevented humanitarian aid supplies.

The eighth group includes propaganda of Nazi ideology. The actions of the Ukrainian leadership copy the approaches and decisions of the Nazis of the 20th century. And recently, support of the structures of the Kiev regime from the US by providing grants has increased. The American Endowment for Democracy at the State Department has allocated $48 million over the past two years, and after analyzing the publication, we see that over the past six months the number of messages justifying crimes has increased by 23%, number of messages discrediting Russian values has increased by 28%.

The ninth group is the recruitment of children and their involvement in destructive activities. The Kiev regime created a system of recruiting children at schools. Children from 13 regions of Ukraine were recruited to participate in war actions. In 19 regions of Russia, there were recorded facts of recruitment of children by the Security Service of Ukraine. In addition, going beyond the boundaries of its state, the Security Service of Ukraine continues to extend its influence on children in the CIS countries by involving them in destructive content.

Tenth is related to drug trafficking. Ukraine has become one of the world’s largest producers of synthetic drugs, and the Security Service of Ukraine tries to promote drug trafficking among children, including in Russia.

Taking into account an international legal assessment, colleagues, taking into account everything we have seen with our own eyes and analyzed together with our relevant authorities, we see a violation of dozens of international legal treaties. I will not name them once again; you can look at them at your tables. It should be said that all articles of the UN Convention have been violated. However, there is no clear reaction to this from international organizations, and there are so many lies about our country, colleagues.

But our preliminary report helped us inform parliamentarians in other states. I would like to express gratitude to my colleagues from our international team who helped translate it into European languages. Today, parliamentarians from many countries support us. These theses were approved in the Parliament of Nicaragua.

Colleagues, we have developed proposals. We have prepared 64 proposals and recommendations. In addition to measures of support and social rehabilitation of children, that we already tried to implement there, seeing crimes, and your involvement, your instructions, Vyacheslav Victorovich, made it possible to rehabilitate 196 children from the LPR, DPR, Belgorod region, including 38 children with developmental disabilities. The children underwent rehabilitation in Crimea. Psychologists and doctors worked with them, and there was also organized an educational process. Members of the Parliamentary Commission provided comprehensive assistance in temporary accommodation centers in Donbass and the Rostov region, helped with documents, there was launched a medical assistance project in Krasnodon, in Lugansk, Lisichansk, Zaporozhye, Gorlovka, Kherson, Donbass, Novorossiya, we organized the psychological assistance and delivery of humanitarian aid, a regional program of comprehensive medical and psychological rehabilitation was launched in Belgorod.

In addition to the proposals that we mentioned today in terms of providing support to our children there is: the need to determine the legal status of affected children, improvement of measures in terms of providing support to disadvantaged families in the reunified territories, improvement of protective mechanisms in the field of childhood and protection from foreign influence, thus, we ask to develop a procedure for accounting an organization providing assistance to children influenced by illegal groups, develop measures to strengthen the international mechanism, including assessing the damage from the criminal actions of the Kiev regime. We believe that this should also be done — to initiate the development of a new document: a convention on countering terrorism against children and the involvement of children in destructive activities.

Colleagues, Vyacheslav Victorovich! A year ago, when you gave us an instruction, you said that it was important to conduct an investigation so that the world could finally open its eyes to what was happening. Our task was to receive an evidence base and present it to a fair trial process.

Vyacheslav Victorovich, we have such base now, and, on behalf of the colleagues of our Commission, I would like to ask for your further instructions to continue the work, to determine the format of further work of our Commission. In our case, we propose to continue our work with foreign participants.

Vyacheslav Victorovich, I express gratitude to you for making this work possible. I would like to thank all my fellow colleagues-parliamentarians who worked with us, everyone who was involved in this work. We will not stop our activity, we will go to the end, because children are still suffering. And once again, let me express gratitude to everyone who participated in the Commission’s work directly, as a member, or simply joined us to help children.

Thank you, dear colleagues.”