Appeal of the Houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations, parliaments of countries around the world in connection with the violation of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a result of the criminal actions of the Kiev regime

The appeal will be also sent to the President, Government, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Duma building

”The Houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation appeal to the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations, and parliaments of countries around the world in connection with the available evidence of systematic brutal crimes that violate all imaginable standards of ethics and morality by the armed formations of Ukraine against the most vulnerable and unprotected part of the population in children.

The main reason behind the appearance of victims among minors was the massive use of Kiev-controlled armed groups against civilian infrastructure of such types of weapons as indiscriminate weapons, small arms, and light weapons, the use of cluster and phosphorus munitions, coupled with remote mining of populated areas and the use of mining equipment with aircraft.

As a result of the criminal actions led by the Kiev regime, a number of provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child of November 20, 1989 were violated, including ones safeguarding the right to life, healthy development, freedom of conscience, thought, views, opinions and religious beliefs, education, and the use of one's mother tongue. Children living in Ukraine are subject to constant harassment based on their language and are persecuted for their pro-Russian views.

The provisions of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict prohibit the recruitment of children during armed conflict. Nevertheless, these provisions are blatantly violated, since Ukrainian armed forces force minors to undergo combat training in field camps, perform the tasks of saboteurs, missile, and artillery strikers, spread disinformation, and engage in terrorist attacks.

In addition, the provisions of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on child trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography are violated, since there are numerous cases of child exploitation with the connivance of Ukrainian security forces (sexual slavery, pedophilia), as well as child exploitation in the pornography industry that runs rampant in Ukraine.

Having enlisted the support of Western non-governmental organizations related to organized crime, Kiev covers up the targeted abduction of children for the purpose of transporting them abroad, thereby ignoring the provisions of the said Optional Protocol, which establishes the duty of states to protect children from abduction and trafficking for subsequent exploitation. The ever-intensifying activities of criminal transplantologists in the territories of a number of Western countries who minors taken abroad as organ donors is particularly alarming.

We consider it important to condemn the inaction of ad-hoc institutions and international organizations whose tasks involve promoting the observance of the fundamental rights and freedoms of minors. We regret to note that the UN Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Office headed by him, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, and the European Court of Human Rights deliberately ignore the facts of crimes committed by the Ukrainian side against minors, make biased decisions and reports related to the Ukrainian crisis and, therefore, shirk their direct responsibilities.

This biased and unprofessional approach encourages the Kiev authorities to violate international humanitarian law and condemn even more innocent children to death and suffering.

In view of the above, deputies of the State Duma and senators of the Russian Federation appeal to the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations, and parliaments of the world, calling to give a legal, moral, and ethical assessment of the criminal actions of the Ukrainian authorities against minors, as well as to interact with the formed Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation parliamentary commission to investigate criminal acts led against minors by the Kiev regime to work together against the growing catastrophe and save children in the zone of armed conflict. The unprecedented suppression of information about Kiev’s crimes against minors and the distortion of facts about numerous atrocities of the Ukrainian military by the Western media, which have essentially become participants in military ”psychological operations“, must come to an end.

We call on our fellow parliamentarians, public and political figures, as well as all caring people to join forces in helping these children for the sake of peaceful life, stability, and prosperity on the entire planet. Their future, and hence the future of all humanity today rests primarily on our political commitment, responsibility, and determination to raise, support, and protect the younger generation of our countries“.