Anna Kuznetsova: the task of parliamentarians is to help children-victims of the Kiev regime

Field meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of the Crimes Committed by the Kiev regime Against Minors was held in the Zaporozhye region
Anna Kuznetsova

Anna Kuznetsova Kuznetsova Anna Yurievna Kuznetsova
Anna Yurievna
chaired the field meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of the Crimes Committed by the Kiev regime Against Minors held in the Zaporozhye region.

The Co-Chair of the Commission noted that members of the State Duma continued to collect evidence of criminal acts against children with a help of relevant departments, experts from the regions and the victims themselves.

“It is very important to establish contact and interaction with the relevant structures of the Zaporozhye region, talk about what has already been done, and ask for your help on those issues,” she said.

Anna Kuznetsova called for promptly sharing with the Parliamentary Commission information about the shelling of social facilities, children's infrastructure, residential areas and the consequences.

“We are now preparing an appeal to the UN and plan to use the results of the fifth meeting of the Commission. We have already prepared some things; a preliminary report will be presented in February,” said the parliamentarian.

She also emphasized that the Commission’s task was not only to conduct an investigation, but also to provide assistance to children who had suffered from the actions of the Kiev regime. Thus, members of the State Duma help children from new regions organize their summer vacations; take more than 700 children from the Donbass region for treatments and rehabilitation to other regions of Russia.

“The issue of making such work systematic at the federal level is now being resolved. But we should also provide assistance to those children who were not suffered physically, but suffered a loss — they lost their family, their home — and we are also developing the necessary initiatives,” added Anna Kuznetsova.