Irina Yarovaya presented the outcome report of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation into Activities of the US Biological Laboratories in Ukraine

On Tuesday, April 11, members of the State Duma unanimously approved the outcome report
Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya
Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya

“Dear Colleagues!

As you remember, on behalf of the Chairman of the State Duma, our chamber initiated a parliamentary investigation into the activities of the US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

We have done a lot during the year. Hundreds of documents and various sources of information have been studied. We correlated many facts, but we have managed to identify the witnesses who were interviewed and who gave us invaluable information about the organization of the work of biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine.

It has become absolutely clear that the Pentagon had organized a plan of military biological occupation in Ukraine. The United States of America bears the blame and responsibility for the military biological occupation of Ukraine, and nothing else.

The Kiev regime helped create more than 50 laboratories where secret research and experiments were conducted on Ukrainian people. As a result of this occupation, Ukraine has become a source of dangerous diseases, including of unknown origin.

In order to understand what modern US biological laboratories are there in Ukraine, you always should understand who we are dealing with and know the history of the issue. US programs of biological weapons have their own historical backgrounds. The “biological warfare laboratories” of the US Army were built to fulfill these purposes. That is what they were called.

In addition, everyone remembers the US nuclear project called Manhattan, which led not only to the development of nuclear bombs, but also to their direct use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is no doubt that the modern US military biological project in Ukraine and the laboratories around the world can be called Manhattan 2. This is the development of a new generation weapons, weapons of mass destruction.

This project, as we should understand, is being implemented by a very powerful extensive network of military biological structures with a multibillion-dollar budget. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is only one of them, but still is the leading operator for the implementation of the Pentagon project in Ukraine.

The USA had been very systematically conducting the military biological occupation of Ukraine. We insist that this is a long-term strategy.

In 1991, just after the collapse of the USSR, the US Department of Defense launched a powerful program, named after the senators Nunn-Lugar, and there was an active assistant, Ms. Nuland, the current US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

In 1993, the USA, Canada, and Sweden created the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center (UNTC), under a good pretext, of course. In general, everything that the USA does under a good pretext requires a separate, painstaking, scrupulous examination, because these proposals to give money, train specialists, supply equipment concealed the fact that they would demand full immunity for their specialists in return, exemption from any liability for the consequences, the highest secrecy regime and the denial of access for national intelligence services to these facilities and to these laboratories.

It was only preparatory work.

In 2005, the so-called Orange Revolution took place and there came to power the protege of the United States Mr. Yushchenko. And it is no coincidence that one of the first visits was made by Mr. Obama and Lugar, who promoted the Nunn-Lugar project. They visited biological laboratories, and then there was concluded a traitorous agreement between the Pentagon and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Please note that it was the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Pentagon concluded with the blessing of the traitorous position of President Yushchenko. This agreement already contained conditions that were absolutely discriminatory for the citizens of Ukraine. In fact, step by step, they begin to turn the citizens of Ukraine, Ukraine itself into a living testbed, testing ground. All military specialists were granted full immunity.

The worst thing was that everything they collected on the territory of Ukraine, what they were interested in, including biogenetic materials, pathogens, were send by diplomatic postal service to hide from the people in Ukraine, and in the USA and from the whole world, what exactly they sent to the Pentagon's high-tech biological laboratories and received back.

In fact, the US Embassy in Ukraine began to work as a remote office of the Pentagon. This is probably a monstrous precedent for how diplomatic channels should not be used.

The next stage is, of course, 2008, when a large-scale Ukrainian project (UP) started to be implemented, which, in fact, we have revealed only during the special operation.

This is a project of the highest secrecy, and only our military personnel helped us get access to these documents for the first time. We actually saw the original agreements related to this project, which fully confirmed and proved the facts of experiments on military personnel. This is a monstrous precedent, which, among other things, had lethal consequences.

And the agreement itself says that if a soldier dies, the Pentagon office should have been immediately informed. What kind of humanitarian research should be conducted to achieve such a sad result? Of course, this is only military research, violating all international norms, not to mention the BTWC.

The secret “veterinary projects” with the TAP code were launched in Ukraine along with the UP. The main focus of these projects was economically significant infections that could cause significant damage to the economy of the country and the entire region.

COVID showed us how the life of the whole world could be changed in an instant. If any pathogen or virus, even a zoonotic one, infected animals, the agenda of any country could change immediately Therefore, it was precisely such viruses and pathogens that the Pentagon was very interested in, and its laboratories worked for that.

An analysis of all biological medical projects confirmed the conclusion: the Pentagon has created both a testbed and a foothold in Ukraine. A testbed is something that needs to be worked at, something that requires research, tests, experiments. A foothold is actually a preparation for a possible theater of military operations.

This fully exposes the nature of the aggression, the policy that was formed by the nationalist regime of Ukraine with the assistance and management from the United States of America.

In January 2014, colleagues, just before the Maidan, there was a risk of terminating this project, because there was submitted a draft law to the Rada banning activities of foreign biological laboratories in Ukraine and limiting the circulation of deadly pathogens.

And, lo and behold, the Maidan took place, after which there was the first decision to withdraw this bill. That was the most terrible crime against the people of Ukraine, as they decided to completely terminate their own state biosecurity program. What is this if not a crime? Of course, this is a crime.

One of the first decisions of Mr. Poroshenko was to veto not only this bill. As you remember, the US citizen Suprun was appointed Minister of Health. And what were the decisions of this US citizen? The sanitary and epidemiological service was completely abolished, the system of clinical examination and mandatory vaccination of the population was cancelled.

In fact, Ukraine has become a source of epidemics of measles, tuberculosis and other diseases. Moreover, this made it possible to commit other criminal acts, including to import unregistered medical products and actually test them on the people of Ukraine.

All of the outbreaks in Ukraine, including those of unknown origin, completely refute the allegations of US officials about the humanitarian benefit that was brought through US projects in Ukraine.

In fact, after the Maidan, Ukraine has been systematically and criminally been turned biologically vulnerable and, of course, made completely economically dependent and ruined.

In 2021, President Zelensky gave the few remnants of Ukraine’s military sovereignty to the Pentagon, signing secret agreements, including in the field of military biological development and the introduction of biological reconnaissance.

By the end of 2022, it was planned to fully deploy an electronic biological reconnaissance system in Ukraine for the needs of the Pentagon, the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and NATO.

Why did the Ukrainian authorities deceive and continue to deceive the people of Ukraine, and why is the USA deceiving the world community? What crimes are they trying to keep secret in Ukraine? First of all, of course, these are experiments on the ordinary people and military personnel. There are, of course, documents that confirmed that at least 4,000 servicemen were involved in these experiments. According to the received information, about 20 Ukrainian soldiers died in the Kharkov laboratory alone, and another 200 were taken to hospitals.

The Commission, as a result of our joint work, colleagues, helped the experts from the Ministry of Defence analyze 180 blood samples of Ukrainian servicemen undergoing treatment, which showed that more than 30% of them had got sick or been infected with hepatitis, 14% of them had Crimean-Congo fever, and 21% — West Nile fever.

These diseases were actively studied in Ukraine by representatives of the Pentagon within the framework of UP, and therefore there is every reason to assert that a much larger number of Ukrainian military personnel were intentionally infected that was indicated in the project.

And why there should be these experiments with infection? First of all, in order to understand the body's response, but not only to prepare for the development of vaccines in the event of biological sabotage and biological terrorist attacks. So that the contingent of troops that will be sent to the territory of Ukraine as a theater of military operations of NATO and the Pentagon, will be protected, while the civilians and those military personnel against whom this aggression is directed will be absolutely vulnerable and unprotected.

We also found evidence that the USA tested unregistered medical products on Ukrainian servicemen. The worst thing is that even today we see confirmation that Ukrainian servicemen are stuffed with various psychotropic drugs, which are aimed at increasing both their aggressiveness and inhuman cruelty. Which is directed against whom? Against women, children and prisoners of war. When people say that these crimes cannot be committed by people, of course, people cannot commit them. Such crimes can only be committed by a monster. But these drugs are also aimed at turning a man into a monster.

And one of the first reactions of the Department of State was nervous and it was on [their] website when we first published this information. You should know that there was an immediate reaction by the US State Department to all the statements of our Commission. Why? Why such worry, why such panic? Because for the first time there was a threat of exposure, because everywhere they go with their biomedical projects, we believe the situations in those territories are the same, used the same strategy of a unipolar world based on greed. They need territories and resources, but they do not need people.

Biological weapons are the most terrible weapons of mass destruction that allows you to achieve this monstrous goal. And such a goal is a part of the US national strategy. All these facts together, of course, explain the reasons why Ms. Nuland's reaction was so nervous, so that Russians should not get these documents.

Of course, Russia has always been in the position of protecting goodness and justice. And Russia still keeps the world from a nuclear conflict. And the fact that the USA is now trying to drag humanity into a new catastrophe, a biological one, these issues should be addressed by the whole world. Russia helps in that, and you and I are trying to raise questions and provide answers to them, and this is very important. What exactly was secretly conducted is quite obvious. But it is very important that pathogens were collected and studied along Russia’s borders, that could infect certain genotypes of people, animals and plants.

The susceptibility of residents of specific regions of Ukraine to various dangerous infectious diseases was studied, which makes it possible to create new types of selective biological weapons. Especially dangerous pathogens and genetic material of Ukrainian people were exported, as I said, by diplomatic channels. But for what?

America does not bring high technology to foreign countries. There are high-tech biological laboratories in the USA, and that what was delivered by diplomatic channels is being modified to increase the aggressiveness in those laboratories. But that what was returned in those “letters of happiness” from across the ocean no one knows at all, because the staff was trained for confidential tasks only obeys the Pentagon. Those people do not subject to national authorities.

Just think about it: you have a room at home where something is happening and you do not know anything about it, and if your house burns down because of this room, then no one will answer be responsible for that.

The Pentagon has created 400 such dark rooms around the world that can start burning individually, or all together at once. And the answers to why various unprecedented diseases appear in the world at the same time can be found in these rooms and these laboratories. Of course, 50 laboratories in Ukraine, such a concentration, confirm that the aggression is directed precisely against Russia.

The Commission came to unequivocal conclusions that Ukraine, as a major military biological testbed and foothold for waging an invisible biological war against Russia, has been created and managed by the United States of America for many years. You should know that the main laboratories are located in Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kiev, which are not open to public and we do not know what is happening there. But the biggest evil is just right there.

The Commission came to the conclusion that the military biological project in Ukraine is part of a big strategy aimed at destruction of the sovereignty of Ukraine and the facts of biological terrorism revealed by our Commission against children in the Lugansk school, when there were found banknotes infected with a live strain of Asian tuberculosis, and examination showed that a strain of tuberculosis could only be created in the laboratory and this is already living proof that biological sabotage and biological terrorism are not just somewhere around, they are already there. And that we should develop additional security measures: both in the internal and foreign relations and the external contour. That is why we support Russia's efforts for starting an international investigation.

The USA maintains and develops the facilities for creation of biological weapons components and their possible use in the foreign countries. They are creating and have already actually created a global military biological network and a global military biological reconnaissance for creating biological risks and epidemics and, worst of all, population control. They have a tool to control the number of world's population.

The USA and Ukraine are blatantly violating the basic provisions of the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons.

We propose, in addition to continuing the active offensive position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in initiating an international investigation and endowing the BTWC with real control tools, and at the parliamentary level, in cooperation with the Government, to expand the range of assessments of biological threats posed by the USA to the life and health of Russian people, assess the effectiveness of existing monitoring and departmental normative acts.

We propose to create an inter-factional working group on biosafety issues, because this is one of the most alarming, one of the most important issues in the security strategy of Russia and the whole world.

The Commission supports the initiative on the need for conducting an international investigation. We also propose to appeal to the parliaments of other countries.

I should tell you, dear colleagues, that our appeal is receiving a very bright response. And in fact, not only the Washington Post and the Department of State reacted to our activities, but a number of foreign countries paid close attention to this in their central media, because they understand how vulnerable the world is. And they understand that those laboratories that are on the territory of their countries are real threats.

You know, there were a lot of different things in history. And, as we remember, the Indians received blankets to “get warm”. But these blankets were infected with smallpox.

Today, for some reason, the USA is suddenly interested in smallpox again. They buy millions of vaccines, they do research. Although the WHO said in 1980, “There is no more smallpox in the world,” all of a sudden, now there is monkeypox and horsepox. What is this? There are still questions, but it is quite obvious that the circle is closed. The Pentagon laboratories, just as those blankets given to different countries, are now infected not only with smallpox. This is a real threat. The world has only one chance — to unite and support Russia.

Because Russia today proposes honest, open actions aimed at ensuring equal and indivisible security — security not only for itself, but security for the whole world.

And, of course, dear colleagues, if we support this report, and this is exactly what I ask you to do, after the adoption of the report by the two chambers, it should be sent to the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Commissioner for Human Rights.

I believe that today we also have a historical responsibility, but we also have a historical chance to protect the world from getting into the most terrible catastrophe of biological weapons of mass destruction.

We ask you to support our report, our proposals and consolidate our positions in ensuring security of our citizens and our country. Thank you!”