Members of the United Russia faction discussed with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia-US relations

Meeting participants also discussed issues of continuing civil science cooperation, non-recognition of Russian COVID-19 vaccines in the USA and some other issues
United Russia faction
United Russia faction

On November 11, representatives of the United Russia faction headed by Adalby Shkhagoshev Shkhagoshev Adalby Lyulevich Shkhagoshev
Adalby Lyulevich
held a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov.

The meeting participants discussed the current state of Russia-US relations, including issues of continuing civil science cooperation, non-recognition of Russian COVID-19 vaccines in the USA and other countries of the world, political migrants and issues of providing assistance to the children adopted by the US citizens.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs informed parliamentarians about the assessment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the situation related to the military exercises of the US Navy in the Black Sea with the participation of the armed forces of other countries, and about possible diplomatic response.

Prospects for the normalization of relations with the United States of America were also discussed at the meeting, as well as the issue if the US could be called “a strategic partner of Russia.