Leonid Slutskiy: the European Parliament undermines the prospects for unfreezing of dialogue with the new convocation of the State Duma

The Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs said that the report calling not to recognize the results of the elections to the State Duma “is the clearest example of meddling in the Russian electoral process by the largest inter-parliamentary organization”

Earlier, members of the European Parliament backed the report prepared by the Lithuanian representative Andrius Kubilius urging the EU authorities to redefine relations with Russia and be ready not to recognize the results of the State Duma elections.

“That is complete political and legal nonsense: the trial has not been held yet, while they have already found someone to blame. That is the clearest example of meddling in the Russian electoral process by the largest inter-parliamentary organization,” stressed Leonid Slutskiy Slutsky Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky
Leonid Eduardovich

He is convinced that such attitude of the European parliamentarians undermines the prospects for unfreezing of dialogue with the new convocation of the State Duma, and the parliamentarian added that the decision to suspend the dialogue was not Russia’s initiative.

“The European Parliament continues the Russophobic policy, not taking into account even elementary temporal factors,” stressed the Chairman of the Committee.

He added that the rest of the theses of the adopted document even defied common sense. “There is no evidence, no constructive proves, just a hysteria at the high parliamentary platform,” said Leonid Slutskiy.

“However, this report of the European Parliament, like all the others, is of a recommendatory nature. We can only hope for the rationality of the European authorities, as they have already ignored the odious appeals of the European parliamentarians,” concluded the member of the State Duma.