Member of the State Duma called Ukraine’s decision to deploy the US air defense systems “a blatant provocation”

The Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs said that if such systems had been deployed in close proximity to the Russian borders there would have been Moscow’s reaction and such situation would increase in tension
Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutskiy
Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutskiy

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Alexei Reznikov called for deployment of US air defense systems in the country because of Russia's alleged intentions to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea. He added that the Ukrainian legislation permitted deployment of such systems on the territory of the country.

“It is so pity that Ukraine makes it possible to trade last vestiges of the country’s sovereignty, and to deprive its citizens from the right to live in safety. Ukrainian politicians are ready to give everything to continue taking part in the anti-Russia project,” said Leonid Slutskiy Slutsky Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky
Leonid Eduardovich

“[Alexei] Reznikov’s statement is a blatant provocation. The deployment of the US missile defense systems in Ukraine could change the balance of power not only in the region, but also beyond its borders,” stressed the parliamentarian.

In his opinion, they can continue to say that such systems should be deployed for solely defensive purposes, but there would also an opportunity to launch MK 41 VLS cruise missiles, which are part of the US Aegis Combat System.

“If such systems were deployed in close proximity to the Russian borders there would be Moscow’s reaction. Such situation would definitely increase in tension. You should be more careful with your Russophobic fantasies,” concluded the parliamentarian.