Visa procedures for close relatives of Russian citizens and for foreign tourists will be simplified

Members of the State Duma adopted in the first reading several bills, according to which foreign tourists will need only a hotel booking confirmation to apply for a visa, and foreign close members of families of Russian citizens will be able to get multientry visas with extended period up to one year

Foreign close members of families of Russian citizens will be able to use a simplified procedure to obtain a Russian visa. According to the draft law adopted in the first reading, a Russian citizen should submit an application for entry visas for a foreign relative to a diplomatic mission or consulate. There is no need to get a formal invitation issued by the territorial offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, foreign relatives will be able to get multientry visas with extended period up to one year.

Visa procedures for foreign tourists who want to visit Russia will also be simplified, as the relevant bill was also adopted in the first reading. Foreign citizens will need only a hotel booking confirmation to apply for a visa, while now they need to get a tour operator voucher.

Foreign tourists will need to book a room in a hotel included in a single list of classified hotels, ski or beach resorts.

Tourist visas will be valid for a maximum of six month period.