Committee on International Affairs held a joint meeting with the Iranian Majlis Commission

Parliamentarians discussed the possible changes of the policy of the new US administration in the region, security issues in the Persian Gulf, as well as the role of parliaments in the development of economic cooperation between Russia and Iran. Members of the Parliaments also discussed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Russian side reaffirmed its commitment to its implementation
Committee on International Affairs
Committee on International Affairs

Members of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs held a joint meeting with members of the Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran via videoconference. Parliamentarians discussed the possible changes of the policy of the new US administration in the region, security issues in the Persian Gulf, as well as the role of parliaments in the development of economic cooperation between Russia and Iran.

Members of the Parliaments also discussed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Russian side reaffirmed its commitment to its implementation. Parliamentarians also paid attention to the recent statements that Joe Biden’s administration planned to rejoin the JCPOA. Members of the Parliaments emphasized inadmissibility of introduction of additional conditions and requirements to the Iranian side within the framework of the agreement reached in 2015, endorsed by the UN Security Council. The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutskiy Slutskiy Leonid Eduardoviсh Slutskiy
Leonid Eduardoviсh
stressed that Tehran had repeatedly mentioned the reversible nature of all actions taken after the decision of the former US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the agreement on 8 May 2018.

Representatives of the Iranian Parliament spoke in favour of enhanced cooperation with Russia. Parliamentarians agreed to develop inter-parliamentary cooperation in the spirit of strategic Russia-Iran partnership.