Viacheslav Volodin: the US forces Europe to buy its vaccine against COVID-19

Chairman of the State Duma stated that in an interview to the TV channel Rossiya 24. He stressed that the vaccine market should be open so that any country that had developed a vaccine would be able to supply it to other states
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“We see the current situation in Europe, when the United States of America imposes only its own product and no other, but at the same time forces to buy [its vaccine against COVID-19], and thus the US is trying to keep this monopoly to make money on that,” said the Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin Volodin Viaсheslav Viktoroviсh Volodin
Viaсheslav Viktoroviсh
The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation. He was elected as part of the federal list of candidates proposed by the All-Russian political party “United Russia”

“We condemn it, as such actions are unacceptable,” he stressed.

According to the Chairman of the State Duma, it is necessary to make the vaccine market open so that any country that had created a vaccine would have an opportunity to supply it to other states. “And obstacles should not be created in that area,” he said.

“Those companies [in Europe] that begin to buy vaccines in Russia, in China, will not be allowed to save human lives by the decision of European and EU structures,” said Viacheslav Volodin.

The Chairman of the State Duma also recalled that a vaccine from the United States required payment.

“And this vaccine will not be produced in these countries. That is a freedom according to their standards and their approaches in the situation when it is a matter of life and death,” said Viacheslav Volodin.

“Do not interfere in the affairs of sovereign states, deal with your problems, and we will deal with our problems ourselves,” he concluded.