The State Duma Commission to discuss information on attempts of foreign interference in voting on constitutional amendments

According to the Chairman of the Commission of the State Duma on the Investigation of Foreign Interference in Russia's Internal Affairs Vasilii Piskarev, a meeting to discuss that issue will be held very soon. Earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Petr Tolstoy sent the relevant appeal to the Commission
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The Commission of the State Duma on the Investigation of Foreign Interference in Russia's Internal Affairs plans to hold a meeting in the near future to discuss information on attempts of foreign interference in the voting process on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the Chairman of the Commission Vasilii Piskarev Piskarev Vasilii Ivanoviсh Piskarev
Vasilii Ivanoviсh

“We received an appeal of our colleague, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Petr Tolstoy Tolstoy Petr Olegoviсh Tolstoy
Petr Olegoviсh
, requesting legal evaluation of the actions and statements of a number of embassies of Western states that accuse Russia of violating rights of sexual minorities, including by amending the major law. We will request additional information from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then we will review all the materials and after that the Commission will take a necessary decision,” he said.

“The amendments to the Constitution do not violate someone’s rights, we just enshrine into our Basic Law such values ​​of our citizens like protection of the family, marriage, children, concern for their moral and spiritual development. And, of course, not a single foreign state has the right to impose other views, each citizen will make a decision during the national vote and I am convinced that the amendments will be supported,” stressed Vasilii Piskarev.

Earlier, Petr Tolstoy sent an appeal to the Commission and noted that ”the US and UK embassies in Moscow raised rainbow flags on their buildings, symbolizing the LGBT community, and that was politically motivated.“ According to him, after that there was a “joint statement of the ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary and acting heads of diplomatic missions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.”

“I am convinced that such statements, as well as hanging of these symbols in front of the audience, which mostly consist of citizens of minor age and young people, are unacceptable and inconsistent with the legislation and reject traditional family values,” stressed Petr Tolstoy, urging the Commission to provide an appropriate assessment of these actions.