Sergei Zhelezniak: “The US State Department needs a cure for Russophobia”

Commenting on the State Department’s statement, a member of the Committee on International Affairs, called Russia's accusations of the death of the Turkish military in Syria groundless. He also believes that Washington is annoyed by the high ability of Moscow and Ankara to reach agreement
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak

”The US Department of State needs a cure for Russophobia, which in the light of the need to combine efforts against the coronavirus pandemic looks especially cynical,“ stated a member of the Committee on International Affairs, Sergei Zhelezniak Zhelezniak Sergei Vladimiroviсh Zhelezniak
Sergei Vladimiroviсh

“Russia's accusations of the death of the Turkish military in Syria are completely groundless. Moreover, it is those who are trying to incite frictions between Moscow and Ankara in Syria are guilty of flirting with terrorists, among whom, for some reason, are Turkish military personnel. For the United States, who seeks to maintain its influence in the Middle East, stabilization of the situation is not at all at hand. The United States, according to the old scenario, instead of using its efforts to resolve the conflict, only fuels them.

On the contrary, Russia acts as a peacemaker, proposes concrete measures to end the bloodshed, and fulfills its obligations under the agreements reached at the meeting of the leaders of Russia and Turkey,” the politician emphasized.

He noted: “Washington is extremely annoyed by the high ability of Moscow and Ankara to reach an agreement, who, in the light of a highly intense situation, were managed to find a compromise and reduce tension in the Idlib zone. I am sure that we will observe new attempts of incitement from the USA, which demonstrates an unwillingness to support the process of peaceful settlement and continues to play on the contradictions of the parties to the conflict in Syria.“