Pavel Zavalnyi told how to overcome the divide between Russia and Europe

The Chairman of the Committee on Energy said that not only an intensive dialogue and the lifting of any sanctions, but also the expansion of cooperation in those areas where it benefits both parties are necessary
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi

“How to overcome this divide and get out of the vicious circle?” Firstly, to continue an open constructive dialogue on the most pressing issues, at all levels and all possible platforms,” said Pavel Zavalnyi Zavalnyi Pavel Nikolaeviсh Zavalnyi
Pavel Nikolaeviсh
at regular Potsdam meetings between Russian and German parliamentarians.

“Second, the lifting of personal sanctions, including from parliamentarians, is necessary to expand the dialogue. All this should gradually melt the ice of the mistrust. And finally, the third is the lifting of economic sanctions. They restrain the development of both our country and Europe,” said the parliamentarian.

He expressed confidence that all this is possible, and even sooner than we think.

“As co-chair of the Russian-German inter-parliamentary group, I hold a lot of meetings with German and European politicians. Everyone is tired of the cold, alienated silence that is disadvantageous to anyone except the competitors of Russia and Europe,” said Pavel Zavalnyi.

The Head of the Committee noted that the processes and projects that are important for Russian-European relations are being promoted, for example, the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany decided to remove Nord Stream 2 from the application of EU gas directive, which in fact means depoliticization of the project and emphasizes Germany’s respect for investor rights.

“This means that common sense and economic logic win,” said Pavel Zavalnyi.