Sergei Mironov initiated an investigation of foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation

The head of the Just Russia faction called to create a working group of the State Duma to analyze the facts of foreign interference in Russia's internal affairs, in particular, in the elections to be held in the fall. He proposed to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Council of the State Duma to address this issue
Leader of the Just Russia faction Sergei Mironov
Leader of the Just Russia faction Sergei Mironov

“I appeal to the Chairman of the State Duma and take the initiative to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Council of the State Duma and at this extraordinary meeting we should consider the issue of creation of a special working group that will study all existing materials about possible attempts or actions already taken to meddle in the election campaign in the Russian Federation — in other words, interference in our internal affairs,” he said.

Sergei Mironov Mironov Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov
Sergey Mikhailovich
 called on the leaders of the other State Duma factions to support his initiative.

According to him, representative of the Just Russia faction, Nikolay Ryzhak Ryzhak Nikolay Ivanoviсh Ryzhak
Nikolay Ivanoviсh
, a member of the Committee on Security and Corruption Control, may be included in the working group.

Sergei Mironov believes that it is necessary “to launch a quiet investigation of what has happened and what else may happen.”

The parliamentarian stressed that there are always legal ways, if a candidate or party were not registered, they should apply to the court.

“Special prosecutor Mueller has recently been trying to find a Russian connection to the US election campaign and all the media in the world wrote about it, and then it turned out to be just “a blip”- everyone thought that was normal,” noted Sergei Mironov.

The head of the faction recalled that according to information of the representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the participants and organizers of the unauthorized rally in Moscow on August 3 “were supported and funded by some foreign states.”

“Our party believes that this is unacceptable. Russia is a sovereign state, we ourselves will figure out what is happening here and we will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs. Elections in the Russian Federation are internal affairs of our country,” emphasized Sergei Mironov.