Chairman of the State Duma called the dynamics of the development of Russia-Kyrgyzstan inter-parliamentary cooperation as positive

Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin told about it in an interview with the Kyrgyz TV Channel “Public First Channel”
Interview of Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin with the Kyrgyz TV Channel “Public First Channel”
Interview of Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin with the Kyrgyz TV Channel “Public First Channel”

A delegation of the State Duma headed by Viacheslav Volodin Volodin Viaсheslav Viktoroviсh Volodin
Viaсheslav Viktoroviсh
The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation. He was elected as part of the federal list of candidates proposed by the All-Russian political party “United Russia”
arrived in Bishkek to participate in the events of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO PA).

“The dynamics [of the development of inter-parliamentary cooperation between Russia and Kyrgyzstan] is positive, our contacts are developing, and not only within the framework of various bilateral meetings. We have the opportunity to communicate also at various parliamentary forums,” said Viacheslav Volodin in an interview with the Kyrgyz TV Channel “Public First Channel”.

He noted that the legislative branch contributes to the development of relations between countries. Viacheslav Volodin also added that security issues and harmonization of the laws of the countries require special attention of both parliaments. “First of all, this is a convergence of our views on a number of key issues in the framework of addressing challenges and threats related to terrorism,” said the Chairman of the State Duma.

He recalled that at a meeting of the CSTO PA, which was held in Moscow last year, participants proposed to create a single list of terrorist organizations. As Viacheslav Volodin emphasized, “there must be common approaches” in this issue.

According to him, the cooperation of countries within parliamentary organizations is also important. He recalled that the Fourth Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments will be held at the end of September in the capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, and expressed hope that his Kyrgyz counterpart Dastan Jumabekov will take part in the meeting.

“For us, this is an opportunity not only to meet, but also to reach decisions together on economic development issues, including digital economy, and to consider other issues,” said Viacheslav Volodin.

“There is an opportunity to meet at the International Forum “Development of Parliamentarism” and consider issues related to such living matter as parliamentary diplomacy, which should be developed, be effective, and be able to provide communication between voters and their representatives in parliament,” noted the Chairman of the State Duma.