Sergei Zhelezniak: the United States is trying in vain to continue to act as a justice of the peace

A member of the Committee on International Affairs stressed that the dialogue between Russia and the United States is possible and necessary. The parliamentarian noted that Russia shows its willingness to discuss any, even the most urgent issues, including issues of bilateral cooperation and issues of international concern
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak

“The dialogue between Russia and the United States is possible and necessary, despite the remaining large number of fundamental contradictions. Perhaps it is the main outcome of the meeting of foreign ministers of our countries,” said a member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak Zhelezniak Sergei Vladimiroviсh Zhelezniak
Sergei Vladimiroviсh

The parliamentarian stressed: “Russia once again shows its willingness to discuss any, even the most urgent issues, including issues of bilateral of bilateral cooperation and issues of international concern. Despite the fact that our countries still have fundamental contradictions on key issues of the world agenda, it is important that both sides are keen to discuss and search for ways to improve Russian-American relations. Personal contacts at the level of public figures, ministers, and even more, leaders of Russia and the United States will help to cultivate mutual understanding, primarily with regard to acute problems that cannot be solved without the participation of our countries.”

“At the same time, the US is trying in vain to continue to act as a justice of the peace, deciding the fate of other countries, including Venezuela, the Korean Peninsula, Syria, the Middle East and North Africa, Ukraine and Afghanistan. The world is actively changing and it is futile to inhibit these fundamental changes”, Sergei Zhelezniak added.

“Our position is clear and unchanged, as once again the meeting of Mr. Lavrov and Mr. Pompeo showed. Russia does not accept the language of sanctions, pressure, does not support interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and proposes to exclude the possibility of a military solution to complex international issues,” a member of the Committee on International Affairs concluded.