Sergei Zhelezniak: an active dialogue between the presidents of Russia and Turkey on the Syrian issue confirms a common interest in easing tensions

Member of the International Committee commented on negotiations of the presidents of Russia and Turkey and noted that the bilateral agreements will allow to improve the business climate between our countries in new spheres, positively affect the growth of investment in the economy and coordination of joint actions on the international arena
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zhelezniak

Member of the International Committee Sergei Zhelezniak Zhelezniak Sergei Vladimiroviсh Zhelezniak
Sergei Vladimiroviсh
commented on negotiations of the presidents of Russia and Turkey that took place on 8 April. 

“The bilateral agreements reached during the working meeting of the presidents of Russia and Turkey and within the framework of the meeting of the Russian-Turkish business circles will allow to improve the business climate between our countries in new spheres, positively affect the growth of investment in the economy and coordination of joint actions on the international arena, including in matters of countering the terrorist threat,” said the member of the Committee on International Affairs.

According to the parliamentarian, the negotiations of the presidents of Russia and Turkey clearly demonstrate a high level of mutual understanding and readiness to continue constructive cooperation despite the unfavorable situation on the international arena.

He noted that “the US using the language of ultimatums is trying to prevent the bilateral dialogue between Moscow and Ankara. Our strategic cooperation in international, economic, energy and, of course, in military-technical spheres is clearly annoying Washington. The presidents of Russia and Turkey today clearly stated that despite external pressure, our countries will continue to follow their own national interests and objectives. Russia and Turkey have great prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation, including the development of interregional partnership, mutual investments, trade, global energy projects, and humanitarian exchanges.”

The politician stressed: “The decisions of the presidents adopted at the meeting to coordinate actions in the Syrian settlement are of great importance in order to quickly rid Syria of the remnants of terrorist groups and return to the tasks of a peaceful life. If the destructive forces of the West had not flirted with terrorists and hadn’t financed provocations against the people of Syria, the terrorist threat would have been long gone. Russia and Turkey also indicated that they are closely following US actions in Syria. Statements about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria have not yet been confirmed by concrete steps that only prove the US intention to continue to control the region.”

Sergei Zhelezniak noted that ”an active dialogue between the presidents of Russia and Turkey on the Syrian issue confirms a common interest in easing tensions in the Middle East region.“ He stressed that “the meeting of the presidents once again showed that our countries will continue to act in accordance with the UN resolution, developing the Astana and Sochi formats of interaction with the Syrian side. Together with our Turkish colleagues, we will make efforts to ultimately eliminate terrorists, unconditionally preserve the territorial integrity and statehood of Syria, and we will contribute to the restoration of the country and the return of refugees to their homes, as well as create conditions for the establishment and operation of a constitutional committee.”