Member of the State Duma commented on the US bill on a ban on new investments in the Russian energy sphere

The bill of US senators on a possible ban on new investments in the Russian energy sphere is a competition in the energy sector, as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Aleksei Chepa said
The State Duma building

The bill of US senators on a possible ban on new investments in the Russian energy sphere is just a competition in the energy sector, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Aleksei Chepa Chepa Alexey Vasilievich Chepa
Alexey Vasilievich

The bill on new sanctions, introduced earlier by US senators Marco Rubio and Chris Van Hollen, is aimed to ban new investments in the Russian energy market, as the document says.

A bill on new sanctions against Russia was introduced into the US Congress. Associate Professor of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Perendzhiev expressed his view in interview to radio Sputnik on the reason of this bill.

“This is nothing more than a frank competition in many spheres (in the energy sector) where the Americans are losing,” Aleksei Chepa said.

The parliamentarian believes that the United States is struggling to continue the sanction policy against Russia.