Anton Morozov: Russia will not negotiate with pretenders either in Venezuela or in any other country

Member of the Committee on International Affairs recalled that Nicolás Maduro is still the head of Venezuela according to the international law. The parliamentarian also noted that there is an obvious US interest in deterioration of interaction between Russia and Venezuela
State Duma staircase

Russia will not hold negotiations with pretenders either in Venezuela or in any other country. Such an opinion was expressed by Anton Morozov Morozov Anton Yurieviсh Morozov
Anton Yurieviсh
, a member of the Committee on International Affairs, a representative of the LDPR faction.

As he said, Nicolás Maduro is still the head of Venezuela according to the norms of international law.

“I believe that Russia will not hold negotiations with any pretender either in Venezuela or in any other country. There are statutory procedures for electing the head of state and empowering the country's governing bodies. According to this procedure, Mr. Maduro remains the incumbent president, he is the one we will discuss further cooperation,” the parliamentarian said.

Anton Morozov noted that that there is an obvious US interest in deterioration of interaction between Russia and Venezuela.

“Of course, there is an obvious interest of the United States to weaken our interaction with Venezuela, including military-technical cooperation. There is, of course, competition, this is a completely normal process. But we will continue to struggle for our influence and we will rely on the rules of international law,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier, the Venezuelan opposition, which controls the National Assembly, said they are planning to revise the value of contracts on weapons supplies, concluded earlier with Russia, as well as relations with Moscow in general.

On January 23, the leader of Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the interim president. He was supported by the United States, Canada and several European countries. The incumbent president of the state, Nicolás Maduro, stated that he did not intend to leave the post until the expiration of his term in 2025.