Members of the State Duma commented on the completion of WADA work in the Moscow laboratory

On Thursday, the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Craig Reedie, announced the completion of the work of WADA experts in the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory and said that the next step would be verification of the authenticity of the data

Dmitrii Svishchev Svishchev Dmitry Alexandrovich Svishchev
Dmitry Alexandrovich
(LDPR), member of the Committee on Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs, said that he expects an impartial examination of the data obtained by experts and a further fair decision.

“Despite all sorts of speculations about the access of WADA experts to the Moscow laboratory data, the agency’s experts successfully completed their work there and received the necessary information. Now we are waiting for an impartial examination of the data they retrieved and a further fair decision. We hope that it will be positive,” he said.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs Valerii Gazzaev Gazzaev Valerii Georgieviсh Gazzaev
Valerii Georgieviсh
(“Just Russia”) also commented on the statement made by the head of WADA on the successful completion of work in Moscow.

“The work of WADA experts in the Moscow laboratory was, as expected, successfully completed. The reaction of WADA President Craig Reedie is a sign that the organization objectively assesses the compliance of RUSADA with its requirements,” he noted.

WADA President Craig Reedie said that the work on extracting data from the Moscow anti-doping laboratory was ”major breakthrough for clean sport.“ According to him, now WADA moves to the second stage, which includes verification of data to ensure their integrity and that they have not been compromised.

“With his statement, Craig Reedie simply turned to dust all the slander that came from the US and other countries about the access of WADA experts to the Moscow laboratory data. As we remember, all the debates on this topic and calls to announce the immediate non-compliance of RUSADA came exclusively from those who are afraid of our athletes,” said Valerii Gazzaev.

“Any international competition in any kind of sport is doomed and inferior without Russia. Because Russian athletes are among the leaders at all the World Cups and the Olympic Games,” the parliamentarian concluded.