Sergei Gavrilov: Orthodox faith and traditional spiritual values unite Russian society

The Chairman of the Committee on Issues of Public Associations and Religious Organizations stated this during the meeting of the Russian delegation with the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun. According to the parliamentarian, the Grand Mufti reminded of the danger of using Christianity for political purposes, as it happened with Islam
Chairman of the Committee on Development of Civil Society, Public and Religious Organizations Sergei Gavrilov
Chairman of the Committee on Development of Civil Society, Public and Religious Organizations Sergei Gavrilov

The delegation included State Duma members, Sergei Gavrilov Gavrilov Sergey Anatolievich Gavrilov
Sergey Anatolievich
, Dmitriy Sablin Sablin Dmitry Vadimovich Sablin
Dmitry Vadimovich
, and Dmitrii Belik Belik Dmitry Anatolievich Belik
Dmitry Anatolievich

According to the Chairman of the Committee on Issues of Public Associations and Religious Organizations Sergei Gavrilov, the Grand Mufti reminded him of the danger of using Christianity for political purposes, as it happened with Islam. According to the parliamentarian, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun noted the independence of civil society from the influence of ”American money“.

“In many respects, this is facilitated by the legislative amendments that are being worked on, inter alia by the Russian parliament, and which secure the Christian foundations of traditional society, solidarity, compassion, and mutual assistance,” explained Sergei Gavrilov. He talked about adopted laws aimed at settling relations in the sphere of volunteering, as well as ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of religious organizations in various spheres. These documents make it possible to provide the necessary state support to socially oriented NGOs.

The parliamentarians supported the thesis of the Grand Mufti that cooperation and unification of Christians with Muslims is a factor of strength, not weakness.

Speaking about the recent split in the Orthodox world, the Grand Mufti expressed the opinion that the goal of this is “to tear Russia up”.

“The Orthodox faith and traditional spiritual values undoubtedly unite Russian society. In this situation, Russia is ready to protect people who are persecuted for religious reasons by granting asylum and citizenship,” noted Sergei Gavrilov.