Pavel Zavalnyi: the issue of the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project is a test for the adequacy of politicians

The Chairman of the Committee on Energy, the co-chairman of the Friendship Group with the German Bundestag announced this at a meeting with the coordinator of the CDU-CSU faction in the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, rapporteur of the faction on cooperation with Russia Roderich Kiesewetter
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi
Chairman of the Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalnyi

“I am sure that all attempts to give a commercial project, which is aimed at development of a strategic energy partnership between our countries and satisfaction of the growing European gas demand with maximum economic, environmental and technological advantages, a political dimension, including attempts of our opponents to link the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 with the events in the Kerch Strait, are manifestations of unfair competition primarily the US that makes someone else do all the work,“ believes Pavel Zavalnyi Zavalnyi Pavel Nikolaeviсh Zavalnyi
Pavel Nikolaeviсh

Roderich Kiesewetter agreed that the main thing that should be discussed at implementing such infrastructure projects is a safe and reliable energy supply to Europe through the diversification of supplies. At the same time, Nord Stream-2 is doomed to be a politicized issue, as it is associated with the question of the gas transit via Ukraine.

The preservation of transit is important for Germany and other European countries in terms of maintaining geo-economic stability in the region.

Pavel Zavalnyi assured his German counterpart that Russia is also interested in preserving Ukrainian transit after 2019 in the interests of Eastern and Central Europe. But its volume is a commercial issue, a matter of security guarantees, reliability and economic efficiency of supplies, and not a political question. The implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project should simplify these negotiations, because as soon as the possibilities of political “heating” of the situation are exhausted, the Ukrainian side will be more ready for constructive dialogue and actions in its own interests, rather than under pressure of American partners operating on the principle of ‘divide and conquer.’

According to the member of the State Duma, the question of the implementation of the North Stream-2 project is a test for the adequacy of politicians, the ability to separate genuine economic interests from political statements and provocations.

The representative of the ruling coalition in the German Bundestag noted the importance of such a frank dialogue between the Russian and German parliamentarians for alleviating political tensions and clarifying the positions of the parties in order to restore trust between Russia and Germany.