Members of the State Duma take part in International Conference on CSTO Economic Security

As Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Issues of the CIS and Contacts with Fellow Countryman Umakhan Umakhanov noted, it is possible to find the right format for the development of not just inter-state relations, but also scientific, legal, organizational basis for cooperation within the PA CSTO
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The CSTO is a universal platform for expressing and harmonizing the collective views of the member states of the organization. Deputy Chairman of the CSTO PA Standing Committee on Socio-Economic and Legal Issues, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Issues of the CIS and Contacts with Fellow Countryman Umakhan Umakhanov Umakhanov Umakhan Magomedgadjieviсh Umakhanov
Umakhan Magomedgadjieviсh
said about this in his speech at the International Scientific and Practical Conference on CSTO Economic Security in Saint-Petersburg.

The parliamentarian underlined the relevance of the topic of the Conference. “Awareness of the need for collective efforts for more than a decade has determined the content of our concrete actions for balancing political-military, political economy factors in our Eurasian space,” Umakhan Umakhanov stressed.

As he said, “the CSTO has become the only universal platform for expressing and harmonizing collective opinions, it confirms the rightness of the level of interaction between the member states of the organization.”

“Adequately responding to the threats and challenges of the subregional security of our countries, we find the right format for the development of not just intergovernmental relations, but also for the development of scientific, legal, organizational basis for our cooperation,” the parliamentarian stressed.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security and Corruption Control, Chairman of the Standing Commission of the CSTO PA on Issues of Defense and Security, Anatolii Vybornyi Vyborny Anatoly Borisovich Vyborny
Anatoly Borisovich
, who also took part in the Conference in St. Petersburg, supported Umakhan Umakhanov's opinion.

“Today on the world stage there is a tendency when economic mechanisms are increasingly used to achieve political goals, accordingly, national economies are increasingly facing new challenges and threats of a military-political nature. In this regard, economic security is perceived by us as a cornerstone of collective security”, Anatolii Vybornyi said.

International Scientific and Practical Conference on Economic Security Issues as an integral part of collective security, organized by the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly together with the St. Petersburg State University of Economics, is held in the Parliamentary Center in Saint Petersburg. Members of the national parliaments of the CSTO member states, leading experts, lawyers, economists and political scientists participate in the Conference.