Member of the Committee on International Affairs explained the lack of interest of the EU and NATO in Ukraine’s membership

Member of the Committee, Anton Morozov, believes that neither NATO nor the European Union is waiting for Ukraine to become a member, because Ukraine would become “another parasite” for the European Union. In addition, the parliamentarian said that Ukraine “is of no value for NATO because it has a very weak army”
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov

Anton Morozov Morozov Anton Yurieviсh Morozov
Anton Yurieviсh
, member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, commented on the lack of interest of the EU and NATO in Ukraine’s membership. 

The parliamentarian believes that Ukraine is not expected to become a member either of NATO or the EU, because Ukraine “will become another parasite” for the European Union, like East-European countries joining the organizations.

Moreover, he expressed confidence that Ukraine is also of no value to NATO because it has a very weak army, unable even to resist the Donbas People’s Militia.