Nikolai Nikolaev: openness of information about natural resources will increase the efficiency of their use

Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Nikolai Nikolaev stated this during his speech at the 3rd Eurasian Mining and Geological Forum in Minsk
Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Nikolai Nikolaev
Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Nikolai Nikolaev

The openness of information along with the development of the declarative principle allows companies to realize themselves, get new opportunities, and to increase competitiveness, and therefore the efficiency of use of natural resources and state profitability from their ownership and use, explained Nikolai Nikolaev Nikolaev Nikolay Petrovich Nikolaev
Nikolay Petrovich
. “We are trying to maintain and develop at the level of the legislation of the Russian Federation,” he said.

The member of the State Duma also pointed out the importance of supporting bona fide subsurface users. “Another important trend that exists in our joint work with the Government is good faith. The support of good faith behavior of subsurface users, the creation of additional preferences and motivations for such companies, in my opinion, contributes to increasing trust between the state and business. And if trust grows, we can count on a long-term partnership,” the head of the Committee emphasized.

Nikolai Nikolayev noted that in our country there are large subsurface users who already demonstrate their good faith by implementing large-scale projects.

“For example, the Yamal LNG project, which combines the implementation of environmental standards with environmental initiatives, as well as with the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples,” he said. The parliamentarian believes that it is necessary to create additional opportunities for such companies, regardless of their size.

At the same time, Nikolai Nikolayev drew attention to the lack of sufficient control over the activities of small and medium-sized subsurface users.

“They are not closely monitored, and we observe much more abuses and violations, especially if we are talking about the development of small fields, the extraction of generally used minerals,” said the parliamentarian, adding that this problem exists in different regions of the country.

The parliamentarian said that now the restoration of the order in this segment is one of the main goals. ”The fulfillment of the obligation of companies to re-cultivate land, to restore the ecological balance after using natural resources, after the expiration of licenses, especially pre-term termination, is in the first place in solving this problem,“ he stressed.

More than 500 people from 20 countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Poland and Serbia, Finland, India, China, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam and other countries are taking part in the 3rd Eurasian Mining and Geological Forum in Minsk, where the current problems of geology and the mining industry are discussed.