Inga Iumasheva: “Fort Ross Dialogue” could become a platform for communication between US and Russian legislators

Member of the Committee on International Affairs believes that it is necessary to seek ways to improve relations, as most people living in Russia and in the United States share a common interest in peaceful interaction among our countries
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Inga Iumasheva
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Inga Iumasheva

Inga Iumasheva Iumasheva Inga Albertovna Iumasheva
Inga Albertovna
told reporters about that at the annual international forum “Fort Ross Dialogue” in San Francisco.

“Today we need to seek ways to improve relations, because most people living in Russia and in the United States share a common interest in peaceful interaction among our countries. And both Russian and US parliamentarians should take into account this opinion and wish of people to not confront, but to interact. Parliamentarians are directly representatives of the people, these common people,” she noted.

“In this regard, it would be great if the conference ‘Fort Ross [ Dialogue]’ became platform for communication also between parliamentarians of both countries, so that members of the State Duma and members of the US Congress could meet here to seek ways to improve relations and opportunities for constructive interaction, ” Inga Iumasheva believes.

“The Fort Ross Dialogue” forum is held every year in California since 2012.