Sergei Gavrilov met the new head of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate

Chairman of the Committee on the Development of Civil Society, Public and Religious Associations, President of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy discussed with Metropolitan Eugene the issues of building a dialogue between the Estonian authorities and the Church
Chairman of the Committee on Issues of Public Associations and Religious Organizations Sergei Gavrilov
Chairman of the Committee on Issues of Public Associations and Religious Organizations Sergei Gavrilov

Sergei Gavrilov Gavrilov Sergey Anatolievich Gavrilov
Sergey Anatolievich
noted that ”building a constructive interaction between the state authorities and the Estonian Orthodox Church, which is always ready for dialogue and cooperation for establishing the enduring moral ideals and values of canonical Orthodoxy in the life of society, is now particularly important.“

Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia Eugene informed that the highest state leadership of the Republic of Estonia seeks to maintain constructive relations with the Church, and the public authority of the Church has significantly increased.

An increasing number of public organizations of a social and cultural orientation invite representatives of the Estonian Orthodox Church to take part in various public, cultural and educational projects. At present, a certain consensus has been reached with the state authorities, providing mutual understanding, and the grounds of further cooperation have been laid. Softening and more benevolent interconfessional relations, mutual support in the field of repair and restoration work in the temples are among such grounds. Heads of territorial entities provide substantial support in the restoration of temples recognized as architectural monuments, in conducting parochial events, and helping to improve the living conditions of clergymen, Metropolitan Eugene stated.

Special attention during the meeting was also paid to the pilgrimage activities of the Church, as Estonia is the largest center of attraction for Orthodox pilgrims.

During his visit to Tallinn, Sergei Gavrilov also visited the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.