Anton Morozov: the statements of US President Donald Trump on the conditions for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions — a signal for a new round of the negotiation process

The statements of US President Donald Trump on the conditions for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions should be seen as a signal for a new round of the negotiation process. The member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov expressed such opinion in an interview to RIA Novosti
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov
Member of the Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov

The member of the State Duma believes Russia and the United States ”may come to some kind of compromise“ during a new round of negotiations. ”Our approaches are not always shared by the negotiating partners, so I believe that this statement should be seen as a signal for a new round of the negotiation process, which is not bad and encouraging,“ Anton Morozov Morozov Anton Yurieviсh Morozov
Anton Yurieviсh

Earlier, Donald Trump said that he is ready to lift anti-Russian sanctions under certain conditions. In particular, Moscow should take steps to work together with Washington on Syria and Ukraine.
Last week US Senator Lindsey Graham said that the two countries will be able to repair relations if Russia changes its behavior. At the same time, he noted that he supports the tightening of the sanctions regime against Moscow.

New anti-Russian sanctions are introduced in connection with the ”Skripal case“. They came into force on August 22. The State Department informed that the sanctions would affect the export of some American goods, in particular, electronics, lasers, and sensors. Restrictions will also apply to oil and gas processing technologies.

The media reported that the sanctions would affect the activity of the Russian airline Aeroflot. It may be banned from flying to the United States. According to a representative of the State Department, the second stage of sanctions will affect the diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington. They can be suspended, he said.

According to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the strengthening of sanctions against Russia can be regarded as an announcement of an economic war.