Sergei Mironov: The US oppose itself to the whole world by its sanctions

The head of the Just Russia faction commented on the new anti-Russian sanctions of the United States. He noted that the United States has fewer levers of influence, and said that in fact, the United States is ready to declare an economic war not only to Russia but to the whole world
Head of the Just Russia faction Sergei Mironov
Head of the Just Russia faction Sergei Mironov

The day before the US authorities blocked Russian assets for hundreds of millions of dollars, and on August 22 they announced the introduction of new sanctions, including, inter alia, a ban on the export of high-tech products to Russia. The reason for the new sanctions round was the incident in Salisbury.

”The more sanctions are imposed on Russia, the more absurd reasons are used, the fewer levers of influence are left to our Western “partners”,“ Sergei Mironov said. “We are forced into a situation in which Russia has nothing to lose: there is no need to cherish relations that do not exist or obligations that are not respected. This does not mean that our country will exercise a reckless foreign policy, but the fact remains, and this circumstance is unlikely to be taken into account by those wishing to ”punish Moscow“, the head of Just Russia added.

The leader of the Just Russia faction noted that the new sanctions reflect the crisis not only in relations between Russia and the United States.

”In fact, the United States is ready to declare an economic war not only to Russia but to the whole world. The sanctions policy towards Iran has been strengthening. The strict US protectionist measures against the European and Chinese companies do not differ much from the sanctions. Obviously, the US is striving for absolute world economic domination. However, the history shows that any pretensions on world domination always fail. And in opposition to expansionists even the most implacable in other matters opponents can become allies, ‘the parliamentarian said.

According to Sergei Mironov in these circumstances, it is necessary to react not so much to concrete actions as to the policy as a whole.

”We should not wait when Washington pulls a trick again but we need to calculate the long-term consequences and build our actions accordingly,“ the faction leader believes.