A faction is an association of parliamentarians of the State Duma elected as part of the federal list of candidates that was admitted to distribution of members' mandates in the State Duma.
  • Faction of the All-Russian Political Party ”UNITED RUSSIA“
    Number of members
  • Faction of the Political Party ”Communist Party of the Russian Federation“
    Number of members
  • Faction of the Political Party ”Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia“
    Number of members
  • Faction of the Political Party JUST RUSSIA
    Number of members
  • Parliamentarians of the State Duma, that are not members of any faction, have the same rights and duties as members of the factions. The only exception is speaking at plenary sessions: they have a right to speak on topical socio-economic, political and other issues once every two months. Such members are given an opportunity to speak upon their requests. The duration of speech cannot exceed five minutes.
  • Vacant parliamentary mandates

    Number of members