Ivica Dacic: Serbia and Russia are more than just historical friends and allies

Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia addressed members of the State Duma at the plenary meeting and stressed the need to improve further cooperation and preserve existing legacy
Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic
Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic

Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic addressed members of the State Duma at the plenary meeting.

Centuries-old foundation

“I would like to express our strong willingness to enhance our historic friendship and brotherhood and we should be proud of that,” said Ivica Dacic.

He added that he, as a politician, had visited Moscow many times. “I consider my today’s speech at the State Duma the highest honor,” stressed the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia.

Ivica Dacic noted the fact that the current excellent relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation were based on a stable, centuries-old foundation. “Russia supported the Serbian people in their struggle for liberation and reunification not only politically and militarily, but also in many other ways,” he said. Ivica Dacic also noted strong cultural and humanitarian ties between the two nations.

History should not be rewritten

“Serbian and Russian people had been fighting on the same side throughout history, even during the 20th century, in both world wars. Serbian people have great respect for Russian people and other peoples of the Soviet Union who sacrificed their lives in the fight against Nazism,” said Ivica Dacic.

“We strongly condemn all attempts to rewrite history, reduce the number of victims and minimize contribution to the defeat of Nazism and fascism, as well as attempts to rehabilitate those ideologists,” he stressed.

Support and preservation of legacy

“The Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation are building strategic partnership based on mutual trust and understanding,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia.

He noted the sustained support of the Russian Federation for the territorial integrity of Serbia and the decision of the Serbian authorities not to support imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Ivica Dacic is convinced that only few states in the world have such legacy in relations as our states and citizens. “It is our duty to preserve this legacy and keep it for future and rising generations,” he said.

Ivica Dacic also stressed the need to improve and enhance further cooperation. “In Belgrade, as well as in Moscow, we clearly understand the challenges of the 21st century and we know that we will be able to overcome them only together,” he said.

More than just friends and allies

“Serbia and Russia are more than just traditional historical friends and allies,” said Ivica Dacic and noted the extraordinary similarity of views of the two states on the world issues and how to improve the current situation. He stressed the commitment of the Russian Federation and Serbia to an order based on international law.

“Serbia expresses deep gratitude to the Russian Federation for consolidating the rule of international law over the decisions of international players,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia.

“Russia is the greatest and most authoritative defender of our national interests,” he added.

“Serbia will not impose sanctions against its great counterpart and friend, Russia,” Ivica Dacic said.

He added that Serbia knew the power of such pressure mechanism and its unfairness and inefficiency.

“Russia is one of the greatest economic partners of Serbia. We see growth in all areas of cooperation: energy, railway infrastructure, agricultural production, chemical and wood industries,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia.

Fight against COVID-19

Ivica Dacic also expressed gratitude to Russia for the provided support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You all know that Serbia is one of the leading states in Europe and in the world with the high numbers of vaccinated people. Therefore, we expect the pandemic will be over soon and we will get back to normal life. We would not have been able to do that, at least not so quickly, if there had not been timely and ample supplies of Sputnik V, as that had helped to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of our citizens,” he said.

The Speaker of the National of Serbia added that he was the first official in Serbia to get the Russian vaccine against COVID-19.

On behalf of Serbia and all Serbian citizens who have fraternal ties with Russian people, Ivica Dacic called on the members of the State Duma to join efforts and do everything to develop relations between the two states. He stressed that it should be their duty to their ancestors and younger generations.

“Long live Russia! Long live Serbia! Long live the Serbian-Russian friendship! Thank you very much,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia.

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