In August foreign diplomats will be asked to come to the State Duma to report on attempts to interfere in Russian elections

The head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovskii called on "the harshest way" to respond to attempts of foreign interference in Russia's internal affairs
Head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovskii
Head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovskii

Vladimir Zhirinovskii Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky
Vladimir Volfovich
told reporters: ”On behalf of the members of the LDPR faction I declare that we will never allow foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia.“

“We consider it unacceptable for the United States, Germany, France to make us any comments, express any opinions, […] that allegedly some violations by law enforcement agencies are taking place in Moscow,” he said.

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Vladimir Zhirinovskii emphasized that the detentions are exercised in accordance with the established procedure, ”this happens in all countries of the world.“

“I think that the State Duma should respond. Probably in a few days, the Committee on Security and Corruption Control will have its meeting. We hope that representatives of the embassies of those countries that grossly interfered in our internal affairs related to the elections and protests in Moscow will be invited there,” he said. He also believes that it is necessary to invite representatives of those foreign media that called for participation in protests.

According to him, such a meeting could be held in August, ”no later than the 20th.“

In addition to the Committee on Security and Corruption Control, the Committee on Informational Policy, Technologies and Communications and the Committee on International Affairs can also take part in such a meeting, the faction leader said.

“Russia should not tolerate any interference. We should not only hear them, but also they need to tell us straight in our faces how they assess the situation when the police have the right to detain people who are not allowed to hold events that are not agreed with the city’s authorities,” said Vladimir Zhirinovskii.

He emphasized that “we are not talking about banning any events, but we need to choose a place so that it is safe both for residents of Moscow and for participants of the events.”

“In America, they have been rushing for several years that someone allegedly interfered in their elections. But doesn’t the US ambassador interfere in the elections here in Moscow when the embassy’s websites indicate the entire route [of a rally] and the arrival time in the route points? Is this a political orientation competition? This is absurd,” said the parliamentarian.

Also, Vladimir Zhirinovskii condemned the appeal of Deutsche Welle to Moscow people to participate in the rally.

“We believe that it is necessary to take a tougher line and send back home those journalists and diplomats who allowed this act of unjustified and unacceptable interference in the internal life of our country. […] We must do everything to make others respect Russia and its orders,” he stressed.

In his opinion, foreign political saboteurs, whose purpose is “to lead to the mini-orange revolution”, are operating in Moscow.