Members of the State Duma noted high turnout at the mid-term elections to the US Congress

Artem Turov (United Russia) and Aleksei Kornienko (CPRF) monitored the elections at nine polling stations in Washington and Maryland as part of the OSCE PA delegation
US Congress
US Congress

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Member of the Committee on Issues of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Contacts with Fellow Countryman Artem Turov Turov Artem Victorovich Turov
Artem Victorovich
noted, there was high turnout at the polling stations, there were queues, despite overcast weather.

He added that polling officials friendly welcomed Russian parliamentarians.

“No irregularities were detected, everything was held within the framework of US law,” the parliamentarian stressed.

As a result of the mid-term elections held on November 6, the Democratic Party won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Republicans in the Senate. Also state and territorial governors, members of the legislative assemblies of the states, judges and members of the school boards were elected on the same day.