Commission on Foreign Interference prepared a large amount of materials on foreign meddling in presidential election in the Russian Federation

Chairman of the Commission Vasily Piskarev noted the aggressive activity and variety of forms of meddling, as well as stressed the need to take additional response measures
Chairman of the Committee on Security and Corruption Control Vasily Piskarev
Chairman of the Committee on Security and Corruption Control Vasily Piskarev

The Commission on Investigation of Facts of Foreign Interference in Russia's Internal Affairs had prepared a large amount of materials on foreign interference in the elections of the President of the Russian Federation, as said its Chairman, Chairman of the Committee on Security and Corruption Control Vasily Piskarev Piskarev Vasily Ivanovich Piskarev
Vasily Ivanovich
. According to him, following the study of all these facts, there could be made relevant amendments to the legislation.

“Our Commission on Investigation of Facts of Foreign Interference has prepared a large amount of materials, they are called “facts of meddling in our internal affairs.” We will definitely study this material and after that we will take response measures. If it is necessary, we will develop amendments aimed at strengthening our sovereignty,” he said.

The parliamentarian also added that, despite the harsh, aggressive interference in the election process in the Russian Federation, the campaign was held in strict compliance with the Constitution and legislation of the Russian Federation.

“The meddling was particularly aggressive and had various forms, from simple calls of foreign agents and relocants not to recognize the election results up to serious threats of terrorist attacks and sabotage. At the same time, our fellow citizens have learned to distinguish lies from the truth,” concluded Vasily Piskarev.