The State Duma adopted laws on non-implementation of the ECHR verdicts

“The European Court of Human Rights has become a tool of political struggle against our country used by the Western politicians,” stressed Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin
The State Duma building
The State Duma building

Members of the State Duma adopted in the final reading draft federal laws on non-implementation of the verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights.

“The European Court of Human Rights has become a tool of political struggle against our country used by the Western politicians. Some of the decisions contradicted the Constitution of the Russian Federation, our values and traditions,” stressed the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich Volodin
Vyacheslav Victorovich
The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the eighth convocation. Elected in single mandate constituency № 163 (Saratov constituency - Saratov Oblast)

He recalled that last summer the ECHR urged Russia recognize same-sex marriages. “And there have been many such decisions like that adopted by the European Court. We cannot tolerate that,” added Vyacheslav Volodin.

A number of important amendments were initiated by members of the State Duma for the second reading. “In particular, the ECHR decisions adopted after March 15, 2022, as that was the date when the Russian Federation decided to withdraw from the Council of Europe, will not be implemented. In addition, financial compensation under the ECHR decisions, which entered into force before March 15, will be made only in rubles and only to accounts in Russian banks,” explained the Chairman of the State Duma.

In addition, the decisions of the Russian courts will have primacy over the ECHR decisions.