Vladimir Zhirinovskii: the Kuril Islands will always remain part of Russia

This statement was made by the head of the LDPR faction during the plenary session of the State Duma
LDPR faction leader Vladimir Zhirinovskii
LDPR faction leader Vladimir Zhirinovskii

In his opinion, in order to develop bilateral relations with our country, Japan should remove all US military bases from its territory and conclude a peace treaty with Russia. He also reminded that Japan does not recognize the outcomes of World War II.

Speaking about the situation with the Kuril Islands, Vladimir Zhirinovskii stressed that they will always remain part of Russia.

“Where the Russian flag hangs, it will always hang,” he said.

“The Japanese do not have right to be rude and impudent, they shall not! They are a defeated country, and why they should dictate terms to us, Russia, when they do not want to conclude a peace treaty,” the faction leader believes.

“Then let's conduct joint military exercises. Let's see what the Japanese navy, the Russian navy are worth, maybe we will drop the landing troops on one of the Japanese islands, let them see how our guys successfully land on Japanese soil,” the parliamentarian suggested. “A Russian soldier’s boot has never stepped on Japanese territory,” reminded Vladimir Zhirinovskii.

“They must keep silent, they are occupied country! […] You will not get any islands — these are Russian islands!” concluded the parliamentarian.

Dmitrii Novikov Novikov Dmitry Georgievich Novikov
Dmitry Georgievich
, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, noted that “the Communist Party of the Russian Federation once again declares that all the islands of the Kuril Chain, without exception, are an integral part of the Russian Federation.”

“We do not consider it possible to conduct any bargaining on this issue. We do not consider it possible to question this. It does not depend on whether the Japanese side undertakes or does not undertake not to deploy US military bases on the territory of the Kuril Islands,” he noted.